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PTC Profit Boost Review

Does PTC Profit Boost Scam People?

PTC Profit Boost Review | Does PTC Profit Boost Scam People?
Authored by Christian Cole

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

PTC Profit Boost is an ebook that is written specifically to help people get more referrals to their PTC site. A PTC site, for those who don’t know, is a “pay to click” program, where you earn money by clicking on a link and, generally, staying on the site for a certain amount of time. You are being paid a percentage of the income that the site makes, by having you click their ads. Essentially, you’re being paid for your time viewing advertisements, though the payment is usually very small. The trick to making an income out of PTC is to have people sign up underneath you.

In the PTC Profit Boost ebook, they claim to offer you the secrets to promoting your PTC programs and making a good amount of money for doing so. The person who wrote the site claims to work just 1 hour a day, earning a great online income, and states that they already own everything they’ve wanted. Once you’ve read through the book, you’ll also have access to a “secrete Elite PTC Forum” where you can get help from the pros of the industry.

The allure of these PTC sites is that they cost nothing to join – the site makes money the same way you do, through advertisements. The book provides you with a list of trusted sites that you can use in order to make your money, and teaches you how to go about promoting them, building your referrals and thus bringing in more money for you as you build a pay to click organization.

If you’re just getting started online, this no risk business might be a good place to start, and the PTC Profit Boost claims they can make it a very profitable venture for you. You will be provided with referral web pages by any programs you do sign up for, but the ebook has nothing to do with building, maintaining or hosting them.

PTC Profit Boost Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

The book is available for just $9.99, which is about the average cost of many paperbacks these days, and those don’t make you money. There are no monthly fees, and there is no exit pop-up offering you a special discount. The book is marketed through ClickBank, ensuring you that you’ll have a 60 day money back guarantee in the event you’re unhappy with the purchase, though the website makes no mention of this fact. There are no extras or bonuses included with the book.

About The Founders

The website does not mention an author or a founder, and we were unable to find any information about those involved with this project, unfortunately.

Quick Summary

For those looking to start an online business with no risk, PTC sites might be a great way to go as there is no cost to get started and there is a potential for profit.

This site claims that they can teach you the secrets you need in order to become wildly successful with these pay to click sites, and offers them all in the form of a book called PTC Profit Boost for $9.99.

You get ClickBank’s 60 day money back guarantee, though there are no bonuses or extras included in the book.

Have you use the PTC Profit Boost system to help your business grow? If so, check out the comments below and leave your experience for other marketers.

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PTC Profit Boost Review | Does PTC Profit Boost Scam People?, 3.2 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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