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Project Payday Reviews (Scam Report)
(DON'T Join Until You Read This...)

Is Monika St. John's program legit?

Authored by Christian Cole
Project Payday Reviews (Scam Report) (DON’T Join Until…)

Project Payday is a self-proclaimed road-map to
“realistic extra income for the average Joe”.

Ever since the Project Payday first showed up on the scene in 2006, thousands of people have been asking the same questions…

Can you really make money with Project Payday? Are all freebie sites scams? Is Monika St. John a real person? All of these questions answered and more in this review…

Can You Really Make Money
With Project Payday?

Founder Monika St. John claims that her students can earn an additional $100 to $5,000+ a month by implementing what she teaches, but is it true?

The short answer is…NOT REALLY… Let me explain…

The reality is, Project Payday is NOT a scam- everything they claim is possible and you can legitimately earn money through the program, but POSSIBLE and PROBABLE are two entirely different things.

The reality is, Project Payday can be a great way to earn $50 to $500 if you’re in need of some quick cash, but your chances of earning a full-time income with this program are SLIM TO NONE.

The Truth About IFW’s (Incentivized Freebie Websites)

The program is based on the IFW (Incentivized Freebie Website) business model.

While IFW’s are a completely legitimate way to make money, the upside is very limited and there are some definite drawbacks. Let’s look at what an IFW is, along with the positives and negatives…

What is an Incentivized Freebie Website (IFW)?

An IFW is a site that will either pay you cash (or give you free products, usually electronics) for having other people complete trial offers with major companies. Just some of the most popular companies that IFW’s have successfully partnered with are: NetFlix, Discover Card, Equifax, Identity Guard, Big Fish Games, Vistaprint, and more….

DiscoverCard, Equifax, and Big Fish Games are a handful of the available offers in Project Payday's "Fast-First Fifty"...

DiscoverCard, Equifax, and Big Fish Games are a handful of the available offers in Project Payday’s “Fast-First Fifty”…

Positives of IFW’s:

  • Make a few quick bucks for completing “trial offers” with major companies.
  • Can use “friendly bribes” to get other people to complete offers for you.
  • There are lots of 100% free offers (others require a small investment).
  • You’re working with major companies, so your billing information is secure.

Negatives of IFW’s:

  • You can only complete each offer once.
  • If you forget to cancel your trial subscriptions, you will be billed automatically.
  • Tons of spam and junk emails will flood your inbox.
  • Difficult to find people to complete your offers.

How Do You Get Paid?
(PPD’s 4 Methods)

Inside of the Project Payday members area, the training focuses on 4 methods for making money. The first 3 methods are all based on IFW’s, the only difference between the 3 methods is whether or not YOU are completing the trial offers, or if you are soliciting OTHER PEOPLE to complete them for you.

In the case that you’re the one soliciting others, you will typically
have the option to get paid via Paypal, check, or with merchandise.

If you select to receive merchandise, they suggest turning around and selling your prize for cash on to turn a profit. While a good idea in theory, I wouldn’t recommend this method unless you have plenty of time to KILL. Selling things on eBay is not a slam dunk and has it’s own learning curve.

IFW's (Incentivized Freebie Websites) offer "prizes" for those that refer new customers...

IFW’s (Incentivized Freebie Websites) offer “prizes” for those that refer new customers…

The #4 method included in the Project Payday training is based on referring others to the Project Payday program as an affiliate. In this case, you get paid anywhere from $1.50 to $6 per lead based on the quality and volume of traffic you refer.

The problem with this is, in order to make any real money you’ll have to generate hundreds of leads, therefore, this method is not practical for newbies.

For experienced marketers, our internal testing has shown the EPC’s are very low (capture page conversion of 4-10%) so your efforts will likely be more profitable elsewhere.

Is Monika St. John A Real Person?

While it’s impossible to know for certain, I personally do NOT believe Monika St. John is a real person.

Monika St. John is the alias at the center of Project Payday's marketing...

Monika St. John is the alias at the center of Project Payday’s marketing…

It’s clear the Project Payday program was developed by professional marketers, and it’s common practice for many marketers to create aliases for different projects.

After an extensive search I was unable to find any social media profiles or background information that would prove Monika is not just a clever moniker (aka a fictitious person), no pun intended!

Project Payday Final Thoughts

The PPD business has been around since 2006, and it’s founders have generated MILLIONS of dollars in revenue, so there is a lot to be learned from their success. However, if you’re looking at Project Payday as a source of income, it’s important you understand a few things…

First, Project Payday is NOT a scam. Despite all of the complaints and FAKE reviews you will find, the company has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you’re looking to generate a quick $50 (or a couple hundred dollars), it’s a viable way to do so. Just expect to jump through hoops, get loaded with spam emails, and DON’T FORGET to cancel all of your trial subscriptions before you get re-billed.

If you’re OK with all the drawbacks and you take action, there’s a strong chance you will see results.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a sustainable business with greater upside potential, PPD is NOT your answer. I recommend you start by checking out our Top Rated Income Opportunities in the chart below.

Either way, hopefully you learned a lot about IFW’s and whether or not this business model is right for you.

Good luck in all your endeavors!

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