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Profit Monarch Review

Does Profit Monarch Scam People?

Profit Monarch Review | Does Profit Monarch Scam People?
Authored by Christian Cole

Profit Monarch On The Web:

Website URL:
Facebook URL: Unknown
Twitter URL:!/profitmonark

The Breakdown - Company Highlights

Profit Monarch uses a traffic source that has been generating traffic for well-known athletes and celebrities for years. This product finds traffic from all over the world, works in all languages with all affiliate offers, and doesn’t require an upfront investment.

This program uses 158 profit machines to generate traffic, email information and make sales. It is useful for people from competitive niches such as: health, athletic and gaming markets. However, it isn’t limited to only the competitive areas, but also works in smaller specialty areas such as knitting, gardening, parenting, alternative energy and more.

Profit Monarch claims it will show you how to promote affiliate products without necessarily using ClickBank. It also offers training that teaches people how to find potentially profitable affiliate offers. The company website claims that a person can spend just 15 minutes a day in order to get results since the software automates everything.

The site also claims you can find free traffic, build strong email lists and get “massive and reliable affiliate paydays” all from one software program. It stresses that users do not need to have technical knowledge, create content, spend money as a start-up investment or have a website.

Profit Monarch Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

This package costs a one-time fee of $67. The creators of Profit Monarch guarantee that a user will see results or they will give their money back. Customers can try out this software for 60 days before they decide if they are or are not satisfied.

The sales letter states that if a customer orders this program within 48 hours they will get several limited bonuses. Buyers will receive: profitable ready-made campaigns, traffic and link building tools, money-making strategy videos, and much more.

Upon trying to leave the website, visitors are offered the program for a discounted price of one dollar, making purchasing the program almost painless.

About The Founders

Paul, Sidd and Brittney Ponna are listed as the founders. One source states that Paul has designed several software tools to help people become more successful internet marketers. No biographical information on Sidd or Brittney was found.

Quick Summary

Profit Monarch is a three in one software tool that automates affiliate marketing, traffic generation and niche exploration.

It assists in building email lists, searches for potentially profitable keywords and niche markets and could bring users a monthly profit.

It is being offered for $67 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. When trying to leave the site, visitors are offered the entire program for the low price of one dollar.

Very little information is available about the founders of the program, neither on the company website nor through an extensive online search.

Have you tried the Profit Monarch program, or do you have information about the founders? Share your insights below!

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