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PIF43 Review

Does PIF43 Scam People?

PIF43 Review | Does PIF43 Scam People?
Authored by Christian Cole

PIF43 On The Web:

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Twitter URL:!/pif43

The Breakdown - Company Highlights

PIF43, or Pay it Forward 4 Infinity, is a text-ad exchange that also has a multi-level marketing aspect. According to the website, members can post text-based ads on the program’s website. Members are encouraged to build a “3×15 Matrix” of referrals in order to earn money, and increase the number of people who see ads from the site. The website states that this program is useful for driving traffic to your website.

It appears that members will receive text-ads from the program in their email every day. The website states that members who read the ads will be rewarded with advertising points. Members also seem to be able to browse advertisements on the program’s website to get points to put toward their own advertisements.

According to the website, members earn money from the “3×15 Matrix” in two different ways. The first seems to be a $2.50 bonus when a referral upgrades to a Diamond membership. The second method appears to be a commission, from $0.10- $0.50 for each referral who joins. There are reportedly 15 levels of referrals that a member can earn money from.

PIF43 Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

The website for this program states that it is invite-only, but it seems that anybody can sign up on the home page. According to a third-party source, the reasoning for the invite-only concept seems to be that the Gold membership has been paid for by another member. The Gold membership appears to allow users to advertise for free for 3 months.

In order to be allowed to promote the program’s website or to earn from referrals, a Diamond membership appears to be necessary. The AlertPay checkout for this upgrade states that there is a one-time fee of $5.29. The website also states that there is a 14-day refund period for those who need it.

According to the PIF43 website, the Diamond membership never expires and offers free advertising on their page. There does not appear to be a monthly fee for this program. The website states that members earn advertising “points” by reading other members’ ads. These points seem to allow members to continue posting ads.

About The Founders

The Mark and James Network seems to be the owner of PIF43. A thorough search done for this company results in finding very little information. The website for the Mark and James Network has only a link to support with no further information, and a members forum for Bux Matrix, another program that the company has created.

Quick Summary

This program’s claim is that its members can increase the traffic on their websites by ad exchange. Members are encouraged to follow any advertising that appeals to them, and seem to gain credit in exchange. The website states that this credit is used to buy more advertising space, either on the program’s website or through email. The cost of a Diamond membership, which appears to allow members to earn money by referring others to the program, seems to be $5.29. This seems to be a one-time payment. The payment appears to be protected by a 14-day money back guarantee.

Do you know more about the Mark and James Network or PIF43?

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