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iWriter Review

Does iWriter Scam People?

iWriter Review | Does iWriter Scam People?
Authored by Christian Cole

iWriter On The Web:

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

The iWriter site features a writing service network that connects business owners to a community of freelance writers. To advertise a need for written articles, a business has to create an ad and post it on the site. The company states that they simplify the hiring process for businesses and writers using the service.

To get started, a writer has to register on the site. Registration is free. The site also says that writers have the option of choosing the topics they would like to write about, the number of articles they would like to write and the amount of money they would like to make every day.

The company says that there are thousands of writers from different parts of the world. Thestate that articles will be written professionally, with a quick turn-around time and at a low cost. For payment to be made to writers, an article needs to be submitted and presented to the requester. The requester has 3 days to reject or approve the article.

iWriter Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

For business owners, articles can be written for as low as $2.00 an article. The service is free for writers to use.

When an article is completed and accepted by the requester, the writer will be paid 81% of the cost of the article. The other 19% will be used to pay for Copyscape verifications. This is to ensure there is no duplicate content to be found anywhere on the web. A part of that payment will also be used to cover fees charged by PayPal.

Writers are given an extra 5% if a requester specifically seeks out the services of a that writer. The company offers optional payment schedules: monthly, bi-weekly or every week. Writers have the option of being paid when they earn a minimum of $20.00.

About The Founders

According to our research, the founder of iWriter is Brad Callen. Since 2001, he looked for ways to make money online, and he tried different online ventures- from buying products on eBay at a reduced price and selling them online, to creating digital products and software and selling them on Clickbank. He has gone on to create such products like Keyword Elite, Search Marketing Elite, Article Spinner and other applications and ebooks.

Quick Summary

The iWriter site offers a way for freelance writers to connect with business owners who need their services.

The site offers professional writing services to business owners at a reduced cost, with quick turnaround time. Writers can choose the topics of their choice, the payment schedules and the number of jobs or articles they would like to create on a daily basis.

Business owners can have articles written for as low as $2.00 per approved article. Writers are only paid when a requester approves an article, and are paid 81% of the total price paid by the business owner. The remaining percentage is used to cover PayPal and Copyscape costs.

Do you know anything about iWriter? Maybe you have used the service and have some helpful advice. Please share your thoughts with us by posting a comment below.

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iWriter Review | Does iWriter Scam People?, 1.4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

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  1. Dogger says:

    I had a several articles “written” by iWriter. When I edited them, checking dates and facts, I discovered that much of the material was taken from other people blogs, and some had been lightly spun. It was a waste of time and money as I cannot use much of which I have received. If you have anything written check as much as possible to make sure it is not stolen content. There is not change to get your money back after you have paid. If you do not get what you have asked for, then do not have a problem rejecting the article. There are many unprofessional people on this site, and many people who are looking to scam others.

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