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Is Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole Masters Touch Scam Review | Is Legit?

Is A Scam?

The Internet is a wonderful place that makes many things possible that were simply impossible before its creation. The web has completely revolutionized the number of products offered and how people today make and spend their money. It was likely this huge flow of money through the Internet that attracted you to come online and search for web-based business opportunities. Fortunately for you, there are many legitimate opportunities to be had via the Internet. You just have to know how to find them amongst all the people looking to trick you and take your money. Here are some hints that will be helpful in your search:

• Before you are willing to put any money into any kind of venture or business opportunity, you should be willing to do thorough searches for information about the product you will be buying and the company selling it. Chances are you wouldn’t go to your supermarket and make a purchase of more than $10 without doing this first; practice the same due diligence online and you very well could go far!

• Realize that just like in “reality”, there are many people online simply looking for free hand-outs and they will be naysayers against anybody or anything that does not give them what they want. If you suspect you have found a review written by such a person, you should ask them what support they have for feeling the way they do about a company or a product. Many people will scream “Scam!” at anything without real backup for their claims.

With these helpful tips in mind, enjoy the review of! in Review is the classic business offer packaged with a Christian twist to draw a new crowd. The site offers you the chance to start a small business and “earn a six figure income your first year!” using the training offered by The Master’s Touch (TMT). The entire front page will tell you:

• You are not buying into a franchise and there are no on-going fees
• You will receive a “proven market plan” as well as on-going support
• You can be in business in 30 days or less
• No experience is necessary
• Financing options are available

You are then prompted to input your contact information to view an online presentation about The Master’s Touch. Upon arriving at the next page you are let in on the secret as to what you will be doing as part of The Master’s Touch program; cleaning hard surfaces. This includes tile, hardwood floors, marble, granite, brick walls, concrete, grout, and any other hard surface you can think of. In addition to this there are tools that will allow you to do carpets and upholstery, but the company advises you advertise for hard surfaces as “this is your niche and where the money is at!”

Packages Available on

There are four basic packages available. Each package builds up in features as well as price.

The first is the Fast Track Package for $13,900 (starter price — now you see why financing is available!). It includes the machine you will need in order to clean the surfaces as well as four days of hands-on training to teach you how to use it. In addition to the machine and training, you get 2 free years of website hosting and free brochures as well as business cards to help you advertise your services and on-going support. The second package is the same as the first except that it comes with a 5″ x 8″ trailer decked out with advertisements for The Master’s Touch and your website. The trailer comes with hangers for tools, shelves, chrome wheels, and a door that drops down to be a ramp for easy loading and unloading. The Fast Track Trailer Package starts at $20,900.

The third package starts at $55,500 and comes with a 12 ft. trailer customized with your business information on the side and an upgraded machine with more attachments as well as an additional day of hands-on training.

The fourth and final option is the Van Package which gives you all of the above-mentioned tools but instead of a trailer you get a cargo van. Pricing starts at $49,000 “Plus price of van”.

As you can see from the pricing, this is not something to dive easily into and the cost will keep a lot of people from trying it.

Even if you do have the money to consider an endeavor such as the one offered by, I would recommend that you first ask yourself if this will be the right job for you.

Though not as physically demanding as some jobs, not everybody could handle the physical strain of cleaning all day and hauling a machine around with them. For many, this is not even a concern. Several times during the videos you are encouraged to call your business coach, and I recommend that you do this as well. Ask any questions and be sure to feel confident about your success before putting your money into any business opportunity!

Do you have any stories to share about The Master’s Touch or We and our readers would love to hear them! Please post your comments below.

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  1. John says:

    I think, keep it simple.. it’s a cleaning business. I’ve been in my own business since 1987.. a lot of people are looking to have things handed to them.. Business is work.. sometimes 90 to 100 hrs a week.. I saw this business, I have read what they have to offer; they teach you to use their equipment via hands on, they help you set up your business, and give you a guide as what to charge per square foot. They offer marketing materials as well. They claim to give on going support, and are easily accessable. I have called them and spoke to both the secretary and “my” rep.. he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. They have pattens on their own equipment, in the video’s, the equipment appears to work quite well.. having used pressure washers for over twenty years, the comparison between their machines and pressure washers on hard surfaces were impressive. In business you have to create a business plan, do research, a lot of marketing, and have plenty of luck.. I’d rather be lucky than good when it comes to business!!!!

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