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Survey Junction Pro Review

Does Survey Junction Pro Scam People?

Authored by Christian Cole
Survey Junction Pro Review – Does Survey Junction Pro Scam People?

Survey Junction Pro appears to be a “get paid to fill out surveys database” that offers home workers an opportunity to earn money while participating in surveys and sharing their opinions with companies that are actively seeking the customer’s opinion across several product/service genres. This survey program claims to offer:

“…registered users access to more than 550 companies that will allow them the opportunity of taking part in thousands of online surveys by filling out simple survey forms, participating in online focus group panels, testing new products (you get to keep the free products too) and much more”.

The program also claims that all the companies on their database are “100% free to sign-up”.

How does the Survey Junction Pro System Work?

The survey database requires potential participants to sign up with a one-time registration fee of $49.95. Once registered, users have access to a database of several companies that offer them survey jobs. There does not seem to be any additional fees to register on the panel. You can sign up with as many companies listed on their database and participate in the surveys as when they are made available to you by these companies. Survey Junction Pro should not be mistaken as a paid survey site with an independent panel; rather it is a directory of paid survey sites. This home worker’s survey program can be accessed at

Survey Junction Pro In Review

The company seems to be one that enlists several paid surveys, which offer a mixed bag of virtual survey form filling, online focus groups and product testing jobs.

Reportedly some sites on Survey Junction Pro’s database may require you to sign up to offers in order to make money from them.

The list of sites provided in the database is said to contain both- companies that offer cash and also ones that offer to enter survey takers in a prize draw.

Before investing in any online business, however, make sure that you undertake thorough research and show due discretion and diligence. It is practical to always only risk the amount that you can afford to lose. It is also important to note that Survey Taking in general should be looked at as more of a part time income; as opposed to a full time income. This is because of the amount of surveys that would need to be completed in order to earn a full time income. That is not to say it’s not possible, the more surveys you participate in the more money you will make, but most seem to utilize survey taking as a part time supplemental income.

Do you have any experience working with this survey directory or any of the survey companies listed in it? Maybe you know of someone who has. Please share your views and experience by posting a comment below…

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