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Second Source of Income

Discover The Secret Of Generating A Second Income

Authored by Christian Cole
Second Source of Income| Discover The Secret Of Generating A Second Income

The internet is a popular way to earn a second source of income. There are many people who hold regular full time jobs and work part time making money on the internet. Many opportunities are available for part time work that revolves around internet marketing. Let’s look at a couple of internet marketing strategies in more detail.

Blogging as a second source of income

Blogging has exploded in recent years as a way of promoting oneself, products, or services. Blogs are short web logs where you can provide commentaries, descriptions, or advice on particular services or products that you may offer or a company may offer. You do not have to be a writer by trade to write a blog. Blogs are usually informal and are seemingly based on opinion; although some are strictly factual.
Aside from a second source of income for you, one of the purposes of a blog is to allow users to leave comments or feedback about the blog topic. Leaving comments provides a way to network similar products or services and to allow readers with particular experiences to share them with other readers.

For example, if you write a blog promoting a service you provide then some of your past customers may leave positive comments on your service, thus further promoting your business. On the flip side, if you find a blog that is related to a product or service you provide, then you could post a comment to promote yourself. Companies will usually hire people to leave posts on blog sites to promote their product or service and this may be an appropriate secondary income source for you.

Earning extra income through press release distribution

Another internet marketing strategy that somewhat relates to blogging is press release distribution. Press release distribution is the act of writing a press release to announce new products or services to create social buzz. Oftentimes, companies or individuals who are trying to get their product or service recognized by large audiences will hire people to write creative press releases. The internet provides you with many portals to distribute the press releases including, FaceBook, Twitter, and blogs.

Links or snippets of the press release can be tweeted, left as FaceBook wall posts, or left as comments at the end of related blogs. Creating press releases may be another appropriate second source of income for you that you can directly relate to blogging.

Second source of income in Summary

There are several writing opportunities that will allow you to make money online on a part time basis. Both blogging and press release distribution would not seem to be too time-consuming and there are many companies and individuals seeking people to promote their products or services. The internet provides an abundant number of ways to create buzz and market products or services.

What are some internet opportunities that you use as a second source of income? What are some internet income ideas that you have for people who are interested in getting started working from home? Please share your thoughts with us by posting a comment below…

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