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Is Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole Scam Review | Is Legit?

Is a Scam? is a site that offers reviews on advertised Internet businesses and opportunities. While the owner does not own any of these businesses, he provides reviews of his experiences with the sites.

The purpose of creating the site seems to be to help other jobseekers to identify which opportunities are legit and which are not.

The goal of is to provide an educational environment that eases the search for top home based business opportunities, programs, tools, and software.

A Look into is broken down into different categories to help jobseekers seek opportunities that the site sees as legit or has promised to generate income. There are 4 different categories to choose from.

1. Top Business Opportunities – this contains the author’s picks – supposedly the site author has joined these opportunities and verified their authenticity to help generate income. This contains sites that assist people in creating their own online business.

2. Work at Home Resources – this has a list of resources for finding work at home jobs. The author mentions that although he has tried his best to ensure the legitimacy of these sites, he has not been able to keep updated with them and urges the jobseekers to practice their best judgment. This has been further broken down into 3 sub-categories – fee based search sites, free search sites, and freelance writing sites.

3. Free Paid Online Survey –This category contains sites that the owner has reportedly tried himself. He cautions users to always remember that online survey websites should be free to join and jobseekers should be cautious if there is a fee associated with it.

4. Get Paid To Websites –The concept of “Get Paid To” sites is pretty straightforward – advertisers pay companies to get as many people as possible to look at, sample, or comment on their products.

How Much Does Charge? does not appear to have a charge. It is a free site where you can browse and read reviews and pursue opportunities that attract your attention as potential money makers.

The writer of does include in his disclosure that he receives compensation from most of the companies that he recommends; however, he claims not to recommend the majority of online business opportunities solely on this. in Review is a resource that jobseekers can use to launch their own search of a legitimate, income generating work at home job. However, people still need to be cautious, as this site does not claim to be an expert.

In fact, included in the disclosure is a line that says the writer “does not make guarantees, explicit or implied, about the companies or websites that he does or does not recommend.” This means that if the work at home opportunity does not work out, he will not be liable for any claims.

This is why the jobseekers need to decide on their own which opportunities they want to take pursue.

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