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Is Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole Scam Review | Is Legit?

How does work? is a blog that one woman decided to start all about online marketing and various other online money making opportunities and systems. The topics of her blog include:

>6 Step Niche Sites
>Article Marketing
>Fast Money
>Blog Monetization
>How to Sell eBooks

There are many other topics as well; most of which involve the internet or general business in some way. also offers its own marketing system. This system is called One Week Marketing. The site claims that it works by breaking down marketing into daily items that last for a week. After a person follows the daily steps; they are said to be on their way to making money. also offers a newsletter that people can sign up for.

One Week Marketing is said to contain information that will teach:

>How to start a successful online business
>The most closely guarded secrets for gathering niche markets
>A fool proof method that will help get content indexed fast, and more.

What does cost? does not seem to cost anything, as it is just a blog. However; if you are interested in the services and products provided by the creator it is said to cost $47.00.

The One Week Marketing system is said to contain:

>One Week Marketing Guide
>One Week Marketing Action Plan
>One Week Marketing Mind Maps
>One Week Marketing Checklists

There is also a bonus seemingly included with the purchase. This is said to be a conversation between Pot Pie Girl and the man who first tried out her system to see if it worked or not.

The site also offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If a person were to order her system; but found out that they were not entirely pleased with what it offered; they can seemingly return it within 60 days and get their money back. There is also a One Week Marketing Premium option; which has a few extra products included with the One Week Marketing system that can be purchased for $77.00. in Review is a blog that focuses mainly on internet marketing and various techniques seemingly used online in order to make money. The founder of the blog also has her own marketing system called One Week Marketing; of which she claims to have used in order to become as successful as she appears to be.

Through reading her blog a person can learn her opinions on various products and services that are out on the internet. It is good to keep in mind however; that because the website is basically a blog; it is possible that the information presented there is opinion in nature and not fact.

Do you have any experience with If you do, please write about it below and let us know how it worked for you!

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