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Paul Myers Scam Review

Is Paul Myers Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole
Paul Myers Scam Review | Is Paul Myers Legit?

Who is Paul Myers?

Paul Myers claims to publish an online newsletter for people who have online businesses and has been doing so for 12 years. He claims that he has seen a lot of online business owners fail and that this bothers him to the point where he decided to do something about it.

What work does Paul Myers do?

Paul Myers seemingly started out by writing a newsletter for online business owners. He says that once he realized how many people running online businesses fail; he decided to give them a “Christmas gift” and put together the most important lessons that he had learned throughout fourteen years of online business. He made it into a book called “Need to Know”; which started out as an e-course but is now in PDF format.

Along with his book, he says that people also receive a free subscription to his email newsletter called TalkBiz News. The book and the Newsletter are said to be full of marketing tips and secrets as well as various techniques that will seemingly help people be successful online.

What products does Paul Myers have?

Paul Myers’s main product seems to be the TalkBiz News semi-daily newsletter; which is said to provide details about all different aspects of developing online and offline businesses. It is also said to be focused on establishing online contacts with other business people. In this way, the newsletter seems to be both a source of information and a networking tool.

Mr. Myers is also said to be known as an Ezine writer. He has reportedly written a book with three of his friends. This book is called “10 Great Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond” and is said to be a compilation of many ideas put together to spark romance for young couples as well as keep it burning with older ones.

Mr. Myers also offers the book “Need to Know”; of which is said to contain information to help a person start an “unstoppable” business as well as tips that he thinks people need to know in order to be successful and cover their assets.

Paul Myers in Review

Paul Myers got his start in the world of internet business by writing a newsletter; which he sent out via email to other online and offline business people. His newsletter is said to have turned out to be both a networking tool and guide for business people.

Mr. Myers offers a few different products and seems to focus most of his attention towards the TalkBiz newsletter and his book “Need To Know”.

Do you have any experience working with Paul Myers, or any of his products or services? If you do, please write about it below and let us know how it worked for you!

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Paul Myers Scam Review | Is Paul Myers Legit?, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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