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Is Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole Scam Review | Is Legit?

Is A Scam? is a forum for people who are interested in looking for information about the thousands of money making opportunities that people can take advantage of. It claims to be impartial and accepts posts from members who have something to say about a specific site. They do not limit themselves to online deals – there are also other discussions on the site that include personal finance, Forex and investments; among others. has rules and attempts to regulate posts by sending warnings to members who have violated these rules unwittingly or otherwise. These warnings are considered private. According to the site rules, users may be banned without notice if they persist on violating the rules. It is recommended for people who would like to join the site to read the rules first before becoming a member.

Categories on Forum has been broken down into several categories and then further separated by sub categories for easy viewing. The main categories and its sub categories include:

1. Announcements and Discussions – this is where announcements, new links, and community discussions are included. It also includes the cash giveaway link, international chat link, and the social networking link.

2. Markets, Real Estate, Banking, and Investments – this includes equity market investments, Forex, personal finance, real estate, and other investments like precious metals and oil.

3. Other Ways to Earn Online – this discusses veers towards gambling and games, webmaster hangout (for people who have their own sites), and website flipping.

4. HYIPs, Autosurfs, and Other High Risk Opportunities – this includes high yield investment programs, autosurfing versus manual surfing, investment programs, referral, MLM, and network/ affiliate marketing discussions. It also talks about money cyclers, Get Paid To sites, and free giveaway programs.

5. Payment processors and Currency Exchange – the talk includes payment processors, E-currencies and personal exchange services.

6. The MMG Marketplace – this last category includes talk about Internet marketing and promotion, benefactor and cashback offers, co-ops, teambuilds, and downline clubs, job opportunities, ads and promos, buying, selling, and trading, and programming and graphics design.

Registering at is free. They request for a valid email address to confirm the account, but otherwise do not charge for their membership. Presumably, the site earns its money from advertising, based on the banner on the front page looking for advertisers. includes a disclosure that states that while they do attempt to regulate posts, they are not to be held responsible if there is misinformation on the other sites that are advertised. It also mentions that they do not guarantee the validity of the information posted on the site, as it is a third company. in Review is a good start for people who are looking for information regarding different ways to make money. The forums allow members to interact and share their experiences, which is a plus because you can get firsthand experience instead of having to conduct an exhaustive search online for the information. Just remember that has thousands of links, and it is virtually impossible to monitor and audit all those links. Some of the posted information may not be correct. Always do additional research and take everything you hear with a grain of salt before deciding which investment or money making opportunity you would like to venture into.

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