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Home Cash Profits Is A Scam! Buyer Beware!

Protect Yourself By Reading This Home Cash Profits Review...

Authored by Christian Cole
Home Cash Profits Is A Scam! Buyer Beware! (Full Review)

In the past few weeks, THOUSANDS of people have been getting spammed with emails and ads about the “Home Cash Profits” system which is an outright scam!

The sad part is, while it may be new to you, this business (and the un-ethical individuals behind it) are not new to the home business arena and have made a lot of money scamming innocent people.

All you have to do is visit and see it’s a dead site- that should be your first MAJOR RED FLAG!

Make sure you read EVERY WORD of this detailed Home Cash Profits review to learn how to protect yourself from this program and countless other internet scams.

The Dark History of Home Cash Profits…

First, let’s go over the dark history of “Home Cash Profits”, formerly known by several aliases, including but not limited to: 1) Home Income Cash System 2) Black Belt Profit System 3) Home Income Profit System 4) Online Income Secrets and many more… If you come across ANY of these businesses, steer clear!!

The business has morphed and changed it’s name several times over, and all of the above mentioned programs are simply different doorways to the same money trap.

If you’ve read many of the reviews on this site, you’ll see that I RARELY (if ever) call a business an outright scam- and I don’t want you to believe the internet is filled with crooks, because that’s definitely not the case. There are plenty of legitimate businesses out there, and you can check out our Top Rated Income Opportunities at the bottom of this review if you’re serious about generating income online.

On the other hand, there are also programs that legitimately warrant the scam label and here’s a glimpse into the deceptive practices being used so you know how to protect yourself and avoid pitfalls.

How to Identify the Home Income Cash System Scam…

FAKE accreditations and illegal use of news site logos are the first sign of an internet scam!

FAKE accreditations and illegal use of news site logos are the first sign of an internet scam!

1) Fake News Sites: The easiest way to find their site is to simply follow the advertising. Their advertising has become fairly notorious and is the easiest way to recognize this scam in the first place. They primarily use “advertorials”. With this technique, they create full page ads that resemble a news website. It talks about a recent internet marketing success story in your area. In most cases, the story is about a seemingly fictitious female character who recently made more than $7,000 in a month online. From there, every link on that page will take you to either their website or one of their many landing pages.

2) You Will “Work For” Major Companies Posting Links: Regardless of which version of the system you come across, the basic message is always the same. You will “work for” companies like Amazon, HP, NETFlix, Apple, Gap and other major retailers from home. In the sales copy, Home Cash Profits claims you’re doing work for companies by simply logging into their back office and “posting links”.

They claim that it takes 1-2 minutes to post a link and you can post as many links as you want per day and earn $15 per link. This is flat out NOT TRUE. First of all, there is no back office to log into, once you pay you will find yourself empty handed.

Second, the “home income cash system” has absolutely ZERO affiliation with these major companies, and I’m sure that if they ever find out who is behind this internet scam they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The challenge is finding them, which brings us to our next red flag…

3) Fake Buyer Security Seals: Lastly, anytime you land on a checkout page (for any product), make sure you verify that their trust seals are CLICKABLE links and not just images. All legitimate security seals (such as Trust-Guard, McAfee Secure, Verisign, and HackerSafe) should lead to verifiable contact information. If you can’t click on a security seal image you should abort your purchase immediately- legitimate companies have REAL secure checkout pages with REAL security seals.

Home Income Cash System uses fake security seals!

FAKE security seals on the
Home Income Cash System checkout page!

Home Cash Profits In Review

Overall, you can see that to the trained eye the Home Cash Profits system SCREAMS SCAM all over it. Unfortunately, these subtle clues are not so obvious to beginners who are looking to generate income at home for the first time.

If you’ve already fallen victim to this unlawful marketing, we feel your pain. We wish we could have warned you sooner, but don’t feel down, there are definitely things you can do.

First, call your credit card company and have them cancel your card- you don’t want your credit card information falling into the wrong hands.

Second, I would keep tabs on your credit score and any suspicious activity by enrolling in a service like LifeLock (only $9/month), which provides protection from identity theft. You can also help save others from falling victim to the same scheme by filing a complaint with the FTC here.

Third, please help us get the word out by rating this review and leaving a comment below. The faster we can get the word out, the more people we can help save from this same nightmare of a business.

After you’ve completed these three steps, if you’re still serious about generating income online, make sure you check out our top rated income opportunities in the chart below. All of the opportunities we recommend are 100% legitimate ways for average people to make money online. Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

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Home Cash Profits Is A Scam! Buyer Beware! (Full Review), 3.1 out of 5 based on 114 ratings

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