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Is Legit?

Authored by Christian Cole Scam Review | Is Legit?

Overview of

When you arrive at the homepage of you will find that they are promoting educational resources. Their motto is “Educating People, Empowering Companies”. There is a navigation bar on the top of the page and there are four sections underneath it. The sections are titled Tools and Resources, Training and Workshops, Support Options and a feedback section titled What Students Say. If you are a returning customer there is a log in for your control console.

When you click on the Products and Services link you will find five products and services that the website sells geared toward teaching you how to develop internet businesses. On the About Page you will find information about the beginnings of the company.

Click Income was founded in 1998 as an:

“…eServices Educator, Technology Creator and integrator offering e-commerce technology, online auction optimization services , and other Web-based technologies along with extensive mentoring/ training resource services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

What Does Offer?

It would seem that this website is an example of an affiliate marketing service that offers training products and webinars to its members. When you click on the Tools and Resources section you are taken to the Products and Services page.

On this page there are five products that you can purchase.

1. Click Site Builder: This product appears to build you an ecommerce website that you can use to run a business on the web. Different packages are available that have a selection of features.

2. Click Alliance: This product is somewhat unclear as to what it is. The website states that the Alliance meets twice a year to help each other with SEO ideas and marketing ideas. When you click on the link it takes you to a page that there are links on, but there was no information about Click Alliance at the time of writing this review.

3. Auction Analysis Pro: This service is reported to help you sell products on eBay or online. When you click on the link provided you are taken to a site that does list several categories of products, but there is no real information on the page about the Auction Analysis Pro. This page is also advertised as being for sale.
4. SEO Traffic Magnet: The link is seemingly supposed to take you to the SEO and SIM department of; however takes you to a page that says the website cannot be found.

5. eShop Talk: This appears to be the online newsletter for The link works and there are several links to articles about internet marketing, web design and affiliate marketing.

Each of these sections lists its own email address. To find out more information about each one you can email the appropriate address.

As a full member of you are said to have a support department that you can contact. It has Corporate Contact, Technical Support and Merchant Services listed on this page.

There is a listing of webinars on the Training and Workshops page, but they are all listed for 2008. When you click on one of the links you are taken to a page that says the webinar is over.

Click Income – Conclusion seems to be an education portal for people who want to learn ecommerce. You need a log in and password to access the resources, but there was no information on the site about the cost of membership or how to get one, at the time of writing this review. If you want education about ecommerce, it is up to you if you want to visit this site and learn more about its resources.

What is your experience with Have you taken advantage of any of their resources? Please leave your comments below and tell us your story.

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  1. Duane Bethea says:

    The technical support is never there or has been able to fix problems when they develop. I’ve been waiting over two weeks now and I can’t get in and work on my back pages. They say that they are working on it but can’t figure it out. Most people would get fired after this long. I would never recommend them. In the beginning I tried to work with their “drop shipping dept.” It was a joke, they never had any products they said they had…..sorry set up…

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