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Imnica Mail Review

Does Imnica Mail Scam People?

Imnica Mail Review | Does Imnica Mail Scam People?
Authored by Christian Cole

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

Imnica Mail is an email service which specializes in serving affiliate marketers with their email marketing campaigns. The service offers such features as split testing, Google Analytics, detailed statistics, and the ability to personalize the account to suit the preferences of the individual marketer.

Imnica Mail split testing allows the user to separate their email list into different groups so that they can send them different emails—either to personalize the content more to their interests or to test different wording to see which proves the most effective. Google Analytics allows the affiliate marketer to track the life statistics of their campaign and of their subscribers. The detailed statistics differs from this as it focuses more on who opens what emails and clicks which links. The personalization options allow the marketer to better reflect who they are to their customers.

The Imnica Mail service interfaces with multiple email services, including Apple Mail, Windows Live, Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail. This is designed to allow the user greater flexibility and to also allow them to see how the appearance of their email might change based on the service it is sent to.

Imnica Mail Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

Before purchase, users are given a 30 day trial of the Imnica Mail package of their choice for $1. Packages are based on the amount of subscribers. The lowest level is free with a limit of 1,000 subscribers and 6,000 emails per month. The next level is priced at $3 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails. $7 per month allows up to 2,500 subscribers, $14 per month allows up to 5,000, and $26 per month allows up to 10,000. The largest available package is $553 per month and allows up to 300,000 subscribers. All paid packages come with unlimited emails. These packages are also offered on a quarterly subscription at a 10% discount and a yearly subscription with a 20% discount. There are no bonuses listed, nor is there a guarantee noted on the purchase and pricing screen.

About The Founders

There is no information given on the founder or founders of Imnica Mail. On the bottom of the main page, it has a note stating that all systems are finally ready, which seems to imply that this is a relatively new service.

Quick Summary

Imnica Mail is an email service designed to help affiliate marketers manage their email campaigns. The system is designed to interface with common email service providers, including Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail. Packages range from paid plans starting at $3 per month and range as far as $553 per month for the largest package.

Do you use Imnica Mail to manage your email campaigns? If so, please take some time to share your opinion of the service.

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Imnica Mail Review | Does Imnica Mail Scam People?, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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