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How Internet Marketing Millionaires Think About Lead Generation…

Authored by Christian Cole
How Internet Marketing Millionaires Think About Lead Generation…

Internet Marketing Millionaires think about lead generation WAY DIFFERENTLY than most rookie marketers, especially in the home business niche.

One of the fatally flawed characteristics of most home business owners is they don’t treat their business like a business.

Here’s what I mean….

When it comes to lead generation, most home business owners and network marketers are always trying to figure out how they can generate leads cheaper or for free.

Now, there is nothing wrong with generating leads for low cost, but the problem is they often limit their lead generation efforts to only those strategies that fit within their pre-determined budget instead of trying to figure out how they can MAKE MORE money from each lead they generate.

The REAL QUESTION you should be asking yourself is, “How can I spend twice as much money on my leads and STILL make a profit?”

That is the exact question that separates Internet Marketing Millionaires from amateurs…

As an entrepreneur, your time is most often better spent on figuring out how to make more from each customer your business serves instead of continually trying to find cheaper sources of leads or focusing on time-consuming free lead generation strategies.

He/she who can spend the most money on leads and still make a profit will forever DOMINATE any niche.

For example, if you increase your average earnings from $5 per customer to $10 per customer, you can now pay twice as much for your leads and still break even.

This opens up an entire world of opportunity.

Simply put – when you are making more money per customer you can advertise in more places, outbid your competition for ad space, and grow your business at DOUBLE the rate…

Internet marketing millionaires try to increase their value to their customers so they can SPEND MORE ON LEADS, NOT LESS….

Apply this philosophy to your business and you’ll see amazing results!

Your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you below…

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  1. Charles Daka says:

    Well spoken Kevin. I think your point borders on break-even analysis. If someone does not understand that in its most basic form, they will not appreciate what is required to get the results they desire. All the while though, their competition (the top earners) will be creaming off the profit-leaving the underdog in a cloud of dust wondering what just happened.
    Trouble is, very few people will tell it like you do. They will instead portray that it is so easy anyone and their cat can do it (but then they will omit showing them exactly how).

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  2. swancky says:

    Share my thoughts I will.

    Can you imagine a stampede of good intentions pass through your
    vegetable flower garden?

    Time is King here!!When there are more than one person offering the same paradise to a common solution.
    Sure we are made to believe that if we get a stampede of people coming
    by our site then all our financial aches and pains will be cured.

    I will rather opt in for a few guests who have an idea of why they are
    at my Party in the first place and take it from there.

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